Whither object orientation? What is object orientation, anyway?

  title={Whither object orientation? What is object orientation, anyway?},
  author={Walter G. Fil},
  journal={ACM SIGAPL APL Quote Quad},
  • Walter G. Fil
  • Published 1 December 1999
  • Computer Science
  • ACM SIGAPL APL Quote Quad
F aoM TIM~. TO Tr~., I read something somewhere sugges ring that APL is somehow a true object-oriented language, possibly due to the comparatively recent addition of APL language features such as GUI objects and namespaces. Although APL may arguably contain features considered objectoriented, APL itself is not an object-oriented language. At least not today. Nonetheless, object orientation is an important topic in software engineering today. Understanding something about object orientation is a… 


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  • Dolphin SmaUtalk, www.object-arts.com
Fil is a principal of Lingo Allegro USA, Inc. He can be reached at '¢walter_Jil@compuserve
  • Fil is a principal of Lingo Allegro USA, Inc. He can be reached at '¢walter_Jil@compuserve
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  • Visual Works Non-Commercial, www.objectshare.com
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