Whither Scripts ?

  title={Whither Scripts ?},
  author={Fanita English},
Script theory, on careful examination, has become restrictive, simplistic, and inaccurate. The author connects Berne’s narrow deterministic view of scripts to his erroneous view of games. Existential Pattern Therapy (EPT) (English, 1987), the author’s own form of script analysis emphasizing creativity and the balance of unconscious drives, is described. A case presentation using EPT is discussed following which an evaluation of the relationship between unconscious drives (survival, creative… 

Listening to Intuition: Reflections on Unconscious Processes in the Therapeutic Relationship

This article highlights a specific aspect of the therapeutic relationship: the intuitive capacity of the therapist. The therapeutic relationship is understood as a “healing environment” in which the

Falling Apart and Getting It Together

This article views script as a dynamic process of attributing meaning to experience throughout life. It proposes that script change occurs through a dialectical tension between destabilization and

Keeping Our Balance

Processing loss can be one of the most psychologically challenging experiences humans encounter. This article addresses the question, “Why is the grieving process sometimes so profoundly challenging

The Experience of Anxiety in Body and Mind: A Transactional Analysis Perspective

Abstract Anxiety occurs in both the body and the mind, with explicit aspects (e.g., reported symptoms and emotions) and implicit aspects (e.g., thoughts, prejudices, and internalized traumatic

Is It God Who Cures? A Transpersonal Perspective on Script Formation, the Role of Physis, and the “Soul Work” of the Therapeutic Process

Abstract Identifying a gap in the transactional analysis (TA) literature regarding the role of spirit or soul in the process of psychotherapy, the author invites consideration of the role of physis

Traversing the Fault Lines: Trauma and Enactment

Trauma can shatter the mind, creating rifts in consciousness or fault lines in the psyche. Continuity within the self becomes fractured. This article explores links between trauma, dissociation, and

Beyond Script Destiny: Chance and Circumstance in the Life Course

This article aims to contribute to the development of Berne's psychology of human destiny, going beyond what Berne (1972) referred to as “script destiny.” The author draws a distinction between the

The TAMED Game, Bystanders and Professional Associations

  • J. Hay
  • Psychology
    International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research & Practice
  • 2021
The author introduces a psychological game named TAMED – the TA Myth of Explanatory Depth, which she suggests provides an explanation of unhealthy dynamics occurring within transactional analysis

Scripts people live in the marketplace: An application of script analysis to confessions of a shopaholic

This article shows how Script Analysis can produce new marketing theory by applying it to contemporary shopping behaviour via British novelist Madeleine Wickham’s novel, Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Ego Constriction

  • L. Brakel
  • Psychology
    American journal of psychoanalysis
  • 2004
In this paper a rationale for “ego constriction” as an entity distinct from both ego inhibition and ego restriction is given, despite its clear similarities to each.



The unconscious.

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Life Script Theory: A Critical Review from a Developmental Perspective:

Script theory is examined and expanded from the perspective of contemporary developmental research and theory. Each major script theorist is reviewed and critiqued. Script, as a comprehensive theor...

Power, Mental Energy, and Inertia

What shah I do tomorrow? Reconcep

  • 1977

Rackets and racketeering as the root

  • 1977

Let's Not Claim it's Script When it Ain'T

English assumed that players engage in games in order to advance their scripts-and the implication followed that tragic “third acts” of scripts are pre-decided in childhood because of stroke-associated injunctions from “witch-mothers,” and so forth.

A Script Checklist

Trading stamps. In Selected articlesfrom

  • 1976

What shah I do tomorrow ? Reconcep - tualizing transactional analysis