Whitebacked planthopper Sogatella furcifera (Horváth) (Homoptera: Delphacidae) resistance in rice variety Sinna Sivappu

  title={Whitebacked planthopper Sogatella furcifera (Horv{\'a}th) (Homoptera: Delphacidae) resistance in rice variety Sinna Sivappu},
  author={Kandu Ramesh and G. Padmavathi and Ram Deen and Manish K Pandey and Vattikuti Jhansi Lakshmi and Jagadish Sanmallappa Bentur},
Whitebacked planthopper (WBPH) along with brown planthopper (BPH) has emerged as a major pest of rice in several Asian countries. Development and cultivation of varieties resistant to both planthoppers is an ecologically acceptable strategy to manage these pests. Sinna Sivappu, a Sri Lankan landrace, was reported to be resistant to both planthoppers. While inheritance of BPH resistance has been reported, the genetics of WBPH resistance in this variety is not known. Using a mapping population of… CONTINUE READING
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