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White or Blue, the Whale gets its Vengeance: A Social Media Analysis of the Blue Whale Challenge

  title={White or Blue, the Whale gets its Vengeance: A Social Media Analysis of the Blue Whale Challenge},
  author={Abhinav Khattar and Karan Dabas and Kshitij Gupta and Shaan Chopra and Ponnurangam Kumaraguru},
The Blue Whale Challenge is a series of self-harm causing tasks that are propagated via online social media under the disguise of a "game." The list of tasks must be completed in a duration of 50 days and they cause both physical and mental harm to the player. The final task is to commit suicide. The game is supposed to be administered by people called "curators" who incite others to cause self-mutilation and commit suicide. The curators and potential players are known to contact each other on… 

Evils of Social Media : Case Study of the Blue Whale Challenge

A study is conducted to understand the spread of the Blue Whale Challenge on social media websites such as VKontakte, Twitter, and Instagram, identify different types of users involved in the challenge, study their demographics, and identify distinguishing features between the users involved and those who are not.

Examining the Self-Harm and Suicide Contagion Effects of the Blue Whale Challenge on YouTube and Twitter: Qualitative Study

These posts might have the problematic effect of normalizing the blue whale challenge through repeated exposure, modeling, and reinforcement of self-harming and suicidal behaviors, especially among vulnerable populations such as adolescents.

Evaluating News Media Reports on the 'Blue Whale Challenge' for Adherence to Suicide Prevention Safe Messaging Guidelines

How sensationalized news media reports on the BWC could unintentionally propagate suicide contagion effects that normalize self-harming behaviors among youth is discussed and implications for practice and policy are examined.

A Deadly Game User Experience: TheCase of #BlueWhaleChallenge

Lately, the Blue Whale Challenge, which is also known as the Blue Whale Game, received public attention via the countless news about teenagers all around the world harming themselves as they engage

Solidarity for Social Media Based Epidemic: Case Study of the Blue Whale Challenge

A question is posed – How can Solidarity be leverage to succumb social media epidemic like Blue Whale Challenge which lures, engages and victimizes a spectrum of populations (with different contexts).

Digital Media and Youth Suicide: Analysis of Media Reporting on “Blue Whale” Case

Quantitative and qualitative content analysis was carried out of the news stories published in Spain by the mainstream digital media in 2017 and indicates the widespread presence of malpractice (sensationalist language and detailed descriptions of methods), which may contribute to copycatting and indicate poor compliance with international guidelines on best practice.

Re-Framing and Exploring Online Suicidal Games as a Specific Form of Cyberbullying

  • C. Thodelius
  • Psychology
    International Journal of Criminology and Sociology
  • 2020
This article discusses online suicide games as a part of cyberbullying with the game called "Blue Whale Challenge"as an empirical case. The three-fold aim is to (i) identify key social mechanisms

#suicidal - A Multipronged Approach to Identify and Explore Suicidal Ideation in Twitter

This work trains a stacked ensemble of classifiers representing different aspects of suicidal tweeting activity, and achieves state-of-the-art results on a new manually annotated dataset developed by us, that contains textual as well as network information of suicidal tweets.

Internet addiction and criminal phenomenology: an insight on the Social Networking Sites addiction and the online death games

The following paper will focus on the iGeneration, a fragile social group grown up between the online and the offline world, and its chances to develop a technology addiction.

The Deadly Gamification Challenge of #BlueWhale

This manuscript reviews the past literature on the Blue Whale Challenge, which is known to be a dangerous gamification activity that spreads on social media to target vulnerable teenagers. It aims to



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