White matter spectroscopy in neuromyelitis optica

  title={White matter spectroscopy in neuromyelitis optica},
  author={Denis Bernardi Bichuetti and Ren{\'e} Leandro Magalh{\~a}es Rivero and PhD E. M. L. de Oliveira and Daniel May de Oliveira and Nilton Amorin de Souza and PhD R. G. Nogueira and PhD N. Abdala and PhD A. Gabbai},
  journal={Journal of Neurology},
Naa/Cr ratio in normal appearing white matter (NAWM) of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) is altered beyond plaques, suggesting early axonal loss, and correlates to clinical disability. Brain lesions not typical of MS have been described in Neuromyelitis optica (NMO), and correspond to brain aquaporin-4 channel sites, but the evaluation of Naa/Cr ratio in NAWM of patients with NMO and its association to the presence of brain lesions and clinical disability have not been described. To… CONTINUE READING


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