White football in South Africa: empire, apartheid and change, 1892–1977

  title={White football in South Africa: empire, apartheid and change, 1892–1977},
  author={Chris Bolsmann},
  journal={Soccer \& Society},
  pages={29 - 45}
This essay traces the development, domination and decline of white football in South Africa. It suggests that white football was more significant and popular than generally acknowledged and was at the forefront of globalizing football in the early twentieth century. In order to better understand the broader history of twentieth‐century South African football, a more detailed examination of the organized white game at the national and international levels is necessary. This historical analysis… 
Professional Football in Apartheid South Africa: Leisure, Consumption and Identity in the National Football League, 1959–1977
A growing body of academic and popular literature considers the history of South African football. These and existing publications pay little or no attention to the emergence of white professional
From Apartheid to Unity: White Capital and Black Power in the Racial Integration of South African Football, 1976–1992
Abstract This article analyses the complex process that deracialised and democratised South African football between the early 1970s and 1990s. Based mainly on archival documents, it argues that
Scottish Football and Colonial Zimbabwe: Sport, the Scottish Diaspora, and ‘White Africa’
In 1969 and 1970 respectively, Clyde and Kilmarnock Football Clubs embarked on highly controversial tours of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), then in conflict with the UK over its failure to enact a
‘An Outrage, Not Athletics’: Apartheid and South African–United States Rugby Relations, 1976–1990
  • Hendrik Snyders
  • Sociology
    The International Journal of the History of Sport
  • 2018
Abstract In the period from1976 to1990 during the international campaign against apartheid, some affiliate members of the USA Rugby Football Union, went out of their way to establish and maintain a
Rhodesia and FIFA: racial discrimination, political legitimacy and football, 1960 to 1980
ABSTRACT Rhodesia (colonial Zimbabwe) was a member of FIFA from 1965 until its suspension in 1970, playing a single qualifying match against Australia for the 1970 World Cup. Rhodesia was under
Long Balls in the Dying Moments: Exploring the Decline of South Africa's National Football League, 1970–1977
During the 1970s, a number of prominent British and Irish footballers – the likes of which included Gordon Banks, George Best, Bobby Charlton, Geoff Hurst and Bobby Moore – played as ‘guest players’
‘Here Come “Chelsea” of Sweden’: Djurgården Football Club on Tour in Apartheid South Africa
In this article we argue that while apartheid, boycotts and South African sport have received significant coverage and focus, this has primarily been restricted to Britain and former white colonies
Ousting South Africa: Olympic clashes of 1968
South Africa modified its sport policy, though not its national policy of apartheid, prior to the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games. Black and white South African athletes would compete as one team at
Making the Transition: Empire, Amateurism and Reggie Walker, the ‘Little Natalian’ Sprinter.
This thesis utilizes a narrative approach by presenting a biography of Reggie Walker, the South African 1908 Olympic sprint champion to illustrate the interactions between nationalism and Empire
‘They are able to play football in South Africa’: Austria’s ‘little Wunderteam’ on tour in 1936
ABSTRACT From the end of the nineteenth century South Africa had become a popular touring destination for British and colonial sports teams. Tours in the popular sport of cricket, football and rugby


The 1899 Orange Free State football team tour of Europe: ‘Race’, imperial loyalty and sporting contest
In September 1899 an association football team from Bloemfontein in the Orange Free State, South Africa, arrived in the United Kingdom. The team comprised 16 black South Africans who played under the
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In South Africa, there are times when nothing is more important than soccer (football). "Laduma!", is an immensely informative and vital account of the history of the game in South Africa. In
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The election for the presidency of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) in 1974 which saw João Havelange replace Sir Stanley Rous as incumbent was one of the most significant
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ROBERT CHAPPELL - BRUNEL UNI -"This important book deserves a place on the shelf of all university libraries, as it is an excellent addition to those books already available." New Zealand
Africa, Football and FIFA: Politics, Colonialism and Resistance
Football diffusion and colonial doctrine in Africa football, indigenous resistance and African independence FIFA, Eurocentrism and the distribution of power in world football Africa, Third World
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The Daily Telegraph -" an interesting volume " Woking News and Mail- "The scope of Becks book is extraordinary...Beck, who went to the same grammar school as Des Lynam, has created a history that
In The Sportsman
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