White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack (1989) 1

  title={White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack (1989) 1},
  author={Peggy Mcintosh},
  journal={On Privilege, Fraudulence, and Teaching As Learning},
  • P. Mcintosh
  • Published 4 July 2019
  • Sociology
  • On Privilege, Fraudulence, and Teaching As Learning
Developing a framework for interprofessional collaborative practice, cultural fluency, and ecological approaches to health
A framework for reducing health disparities inclusive of interprofessional collaborative practice, cultural humility, and ecological approaches to health; the identification of common core competencies for students from various disciplines; and relevant assessment instruments to measure attainment of those competencies are described.
Disrupting the Big Lie: Higher Education and Whitelash in a Post/Colorblind Era
James Baldwin (1998) described whiteness as “the big lie” of American society where the belief in the inherent superiority of white people allowed for, emboldened, and facilitated violence against
Slothful Movements: Disability, Acceleration, and Capacity Feminism in Disney’s Zootopia (2016)
Critics and audiences applauded Disney’s Zootopia (2016) as a new brand of politically-conscious, pedagogical children’s media but uniformly read it as a critique of sexism and racism. This article...
Point of View: Stepping Inside the Story
In this chapter, we explore the issue of point-of-view or perspective in our study of texts with strong social justice themes such as Colson Whitehead’s novel The Underground Railroad, Elie Wiesel’s
The 5M Approach
In this chapter, the authors present a multi-layered framework that can be used to guide students through intentional reflections. The 5M Approach is a model that suggests practices on how to
Identifying your skin is too dark as a put-down: Enacting whiteness as hidden curriculum through a bullying prevention programme
Abstract In my second year teaching at the elementary level, two biracial first graders told a Black child that she could not play because her skin was too dark. I found myself, a white female
Exploring our Privilege: Activities and Discussions
This session seeks to visually display the world of privilege through adapting interactive activities known as a privilege walk and an asset walk to create a more inclusive society.