White Paper on New Opportunities at the Next-Generation Neutrino Experiments (Part 1: BSM Neutrino Physics and Dark Matter)

  title={White Paper on New Opportunities at the Next-Generation Neutrino Experiments (Part 1: BSM Neutrino Physics and Dark Matter)},
  author={Carlos A. Arguelles and Adam Aurisano and Brian Batell and Joshua Berger and M. R. Bishai and T. Boschi and N. K. Byrnes and Arka Chatterjee and Alan Chodos Alan Chodos and Thomas E. Coan and Y. Cui and Andr'e de Gouvea and Peter B. Denton and A. De Roeck and Will Flanagan and Reddy Pratap Gandrajula and A. Hatzikoutelis and Matheus Hostert and B. J. P. Jones and Boris J. Kayser and Kevin J. Kelly and D. H. Kim and Joachim Kopp and Andrew Kubik and Karol Lang and I. Lepetic and Pedro A. N. Machado and C. A. Moura and Fredrick I. Olness and J. C. Park and Silvia Pascoli and Suprabh Prakash and L Rogers and Ibrahim Safa and Austin Schneider and Kate Scholberg and S. S. Shin and Ian M. Shoemaker and G. V. Sinev and Ben Smithers and Alexandre Sousa and Yicong Sui and Volodymyr Takhistov and J. P. Thomas and Jacob Todd and Yu-Dai Tsai and Y. T. Tsai and David Vanegas Forero and J. Yu and C. Zhang},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology},
With the advent of a new generation of neutrino experiments which leverage high-intensity neutrino beams for precision measurements, it is timely to explore physics topics beyond the standard neutrino-related physics. Given that the realm of beyond the standard model (BSM) physics has been mostly sought at high-energy regimes at colliders, such as the LHC at CERN, the exploration of BSM physics in neutrino experiments will enable complementary measurements at the energy regimes that balance… 

Searches for decays of new particles in the DUNE Multi-Purpose near Detector

One proposed component of the upcoming Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) near detector complex is a multi-purpose, magnetized, gaseous argon time projection chamber: the Multi-Purpose

The future of high-energy astrophysical neutrino flavor measurements

We critically examine the ability of future neutrino telescopes, including Baikal-GVD, KM3NeT, P-ONE, TAMBO, and IceCube-Gen2, to determine the flavor composition of high-energy astrophysical

The Scattering and Neutrino Detector at the LHC

  • E. Zaffaroni
  • Physics
    Proceedings of Particles and Nuclei International Conference 2021 — PoS(PANIC2021)
  • 2022
SND@LHC is a compact and stand-alone experiment to perform measurements with neutrinos produced at the LHC in the pseudo-rapidity region of 7.2 < [ < 8.6, complementary to all the other experiments

Brazilian Community Report on Neutrino Physics

This white paper describes the main activities of the Brazilian groups in the neutrino program based at Fermilab. The main efforts are being expended in the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment

Searching for Sub-GeV dark matter in the galactic centre using Hyper-Kamiokande

Indirect detection of dark matter via its annihilation products is a key technique in the search for dark matter in the form of weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs). Strong constraints exist

The High-Energy Frontier of the Intensity Frontier: Closing the Dark Photon, Inelastic Dark Matter, and Muon g-2 Windows.

We study hidden sector and long-lived particles at past (CHARM and NuCal), present (NA62 and SeaQuest/DarkQuest), and future (LongQuest) experiments that are at the high-energy frontier of the

Dark Matter Annihilation to Neutrinos: An Updated, Consistent & Compelling Compendium of Constraints

We place updated constraints on dark matter annihilation into neutrinos, using the most recently available data from neutrino detectors. We consider Galactic and extragalactic signals of $s$, $p$,

Boosted neutrinos and relativistic dark particles as messengers from reheating

Usually information from early eras such as reheating is hard to come by. In this paper we argue that, given the right circumstances, right-handed sterile neutrinos decaying to left-handed active

Searching for supersymmetry: the μνSSM

We review the role played by the '$\mu$ from $\nu$' supersymmetric standard model ($\mu \nu$SSM) in the search for supersymmetry. First, we discuss its theoretical motivation, that is the

The Search for Feebly Interacting Particles

At the dawn of a new decade, particle physics faces the challenge of explaining the mystery of dark matter, the origin of matter over antimatter in the Universe, the apparent fine-tuning of the



Probing BSM Neutrino Physics with Flavor and Spectral Distortions: Prospects for Future High-Energy Neutrino Telescopes

The flavor of cosmic neutrinos may help unveil their sources and could reveal the presence of new physics in the neutrino sector. We consider impacts of next-generation neutrino detectors, including

A Proposal for a Three Detector Short-Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Program in the Fermilab Booster Neutrino Beam

A Short-Baseline Neutrino (SBN) physics program of three LAr-TPC detectors located along the Booster Neutrino Beam (BNB) at Fermilab is presented. This new SBN Program will deliver a rich and

Signatures of sub-GeV dark matter beams at neutrino experiments

We study the high-luminosity fixed-target neutrino experiments at MiniBooNE, MINOS and T2K and analyze their sensitivity to light stable states, focusing on MeV--GeV scale dark matter. Thermal relic

Discovering New Light States at Neutrino Experiments

Experiments designed to measure neutrino oscillations also provide major opportunities for discovering very weakly coupled states. In order to produce neutrinos, experiments such as LSND collide

Extricating New Physics Scenarios at DUNE with Higher Energy Beams

The tunability of the DUNE neutrino beam over a wide-range of energies is exploited to devise an experimental strategy for separating oscillation effects due to NSI from the standard three-flavor oscillation scenario.

Probing High-Energy Interactions of Atmospheric and Astrophysical Neutrinos

Astrophysical and atmospheric neutrinos are important probes of the powerful accelerators that produce cosmic rays with EeV energies. Understanding these accelerators is a key goal of neutrino

Observing a light dark matter beam with neutrino experiments

We consider the sensitivity of fixed-target neutrino experiments at the luminosity frontier to light stable states, such as those present in models of MeV-scale dark matter. To ensure the correct

Dark matter beams at LBNF

A bstractHigh-intensity neutrino beam facilities may produce a beam of light dark matter when protons strike the target. Searches for such a dark matter beam using its scattering in a nearby detector

A facility to search for hidden particles at the CERN SPS: the SHiP physics case

It is demonstrated that the SHiP experiment has a unique potential to discover new physics and can directly probe a number of solutions of beyond the standard model puzzles, such as neutrino masses, baryon asymmetry of the Universe, dark matter, and inflation.

Exploring ντ-νs Mixing With Cascade Events In Deepcore

The atmospheric neutrino data collected by the IceCube experiment and its low-energy extension DeepCore provide a unique opportunity to probe the neutrino sector of the Standard Model. In the low