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White Paper BPMN 2 . 0 Task Types Explained

  title={White Paper BPMN 2 . 0 Task Types Explained},
  author={ActivitiesAtomic Compounded},
Task User Task Service Task Send Task Receive Task Manual Task Business Rule Script Task Descriptive set of BPMN 2.0 elements Figure 3: BPMN 2.0 Task Types 

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Distinguishing Resource type in Bpmn Workflows at Simulation Phase

This paper proposed a finer granularity simulation by taking into consideration the definition and the particularities of each type of resource defined by the Model Driven methodology MDSEA, to bridge the gap between process requirements and process execution.

Visual Workflow Process Modeling and Simulation Approach Based on Non-Functional Properties of Resources

This work proposes an approach that aims to distinguish the types of resources carrying out process tasks, and proposes a resource aggregation based on process performance combination in order to run and display a global performance measurement of a process path.



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