White Noises: On Performing White, On Writing Performance

  title={White Noises: On Performing White, On Writing Performance},
  author={Shannon Jackson},
  journal={TDR/The Drama Review},
That phrase launches a notorious monologue in Ntozake Shange's Spell #7 (1979),' one that satirizes the behaviors and perceptions of conditioned whitegirlhood. It became particularly notorious among those white feminists-the "women's movement faction of white girls"-who had perhaps too vociferously expounded upon the infamous "beau willie" episode in Shange's earlier for colored girls who have considered suicide, when the rainbow is enuf (1975); after Spell #7, they began to question Shange's… Expand
The Whiteness of Silence: A Critical Autoethnographic Tale of a Strategic Rhetoric
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Black Skin/White Masks: The Performative Sustainability of Whiteness (With Apologies to Frantz Fanon)
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Interrogating Whiteness, Complicating Blackness, Remapping The American Culture
IN 1958, RALPH ELLISON GENTLY CHIDED WHITE AMERICANS FOR BEING "so absurdly self-deluded over the true interrelatedness of blackness and whiteness."' It was a message neither white nor blackExpand
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English Is Broken Here
California's Yuba County is getting ready to spend $12,000 this November on election materials that nobody will use. That's because the federal government forces local officials to print votingExpand
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