White Matter Alteration in Metabolic Syndrome

  title={White Matter Alteration in Metabolic Syndrome},
  author={Keigo Shimoji and Osamu Abe and Takanori Uka and Hasina Yasmin and Koji Kamagata and Kouichi Asahi and Masaaki Hori and Atsushi Nakanishi and Yoshifumi Tamura and Hirotaka Watada and Ryuzo Kawamori and Shigeki Aoki},
  booktitle={Diabetes care},
OBJECTIVE We explored the regional pattern of white matter alteration in subjects with metabolic syndrome. We also investigated whether white matter alteration was correlated with BMI. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Seven middle-aged men with metabolic syndrome and seven without metabolic syndrome underwent diffusion tensor imaging with a 3T magnetic resonance imaging imager. We analyzed the fractional anisotropy (FA) values by using a tract-based spatial statistics technique (whole-brain… CONTINUE READING