White Blood cell sementation using Fuzzy C means and snake

  title={White Blood cell sementation using Fuzzy C means and snake},
  author={J. Puttamadegowda and S. C. Prasannakumar},
  journal={2016 International Conference on Computation System and Information Technology for Sustainable Solutions (CSITSS)},
A Blood cell is a cell produced through haematopoiesis. In mammals, these fall into three general categories: Red blood cells, White blood cells and Platelets. Red blood cells carry oxygen to all parts of the body and carbon dioxide using haemoglobin. White Blood Cells are form immune system of body which fight against foreign invaders in the body. Nowadays, Clinical test includes blood test where the count of WBC in our body is checked. As WBC is immune system it is very important that WBC… CONTINUE READING