Whistles, bells, and cogs in machines: Thomas Huxley and epiphenomenalism.

  title={Whistles, bells, and cogs in machines: Thomas Huxley and epiphenomenalism.},
  author={John Greenwood},
  journal={Journal of the history of the behavioral sciences},
  volume={46 3},
In this paper I try to shed some historical light upon the doctrine of epiphenomenalism, by focusing on the version of epiphenomenalism championed by Thomas Huxley, which is often treated as a classic statement of the doctrine. I argue that it is doubtful if Huxley held any form of metaphysical epiphenomenalism, and that he held a more limited form of empirical epiphenomenalism with respect to consciousness but not with respect to mentality per se. Contrary to what is conventionally supposed… CONTINUE READING

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