Whistler waves observed by Solar Orbiter / RPW between 0.5 AU and 1 AU

  title={Whistler waves observed by Solar Orbiter / RPW between 0.5 AU and 1 AU},
  author={M. Kretzschmar and Thomas Chust and Vladimir Krasnoselskikh and David R. Graham and Lucas Colomban and Milan Maksimovi{\'c} and Yu. V. Khotyaintsev and Jan Sou{\vc}ek and Konrad Steinvall and Ondřej Santol{\'i}k and Guillaume Jannet and J. Y. Brochot and O. Le Contel and Alberto Vecchio and Xavier Bonnin and Stuart. D. Bale and Clara Froment and Andrea Larosa and M. Bergerard‐Timofeeva and P. Fergeau and E. Lorf{\`e}vre and Dirk Plettemeier and Manfred Steller and {\vS}těp{\'a}n {\vS}tver{\'a}k and Pavel M. Tr{\'a}vn{\'i}cek and Andris Vaivads and Timothy S. Horbury and H. OBrien and Vincent Evans and Virginia Angelini and Christopher J. Owen and Philippe Louarn},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
Context. The solar wind evolution differs from a simple radial expansion and wave-particle interactions are supposed to be the major cause for the observed dynamics of the electron distribution function. In particular, whistler waves are thought to inhibit the electron heat flux and ensure the diffusion of the field aligned energetic electrons (Strahl) to replenish the halo population. Aims. The goal of our study is to detect and characterize the electromagnetic waves that can modify the…