Whistle Abrasion: A Case Report

  • T Pereira, S Shetty, M Chande, P Kamath
  • Published 2016 in Annals of medical and health sciences research


Abrasion is the physical wearing of a tooth surface which can involve the presence of a foreign object repeatedly being in contact with the tooth. A 40-year-old male patient reported to our dental clinic with a 2-3 mm uneven gap between his upper and lower front teeth on occlusion. A detailed history revealed that he was a physical education teacher, and the habitual placement of the whistle for the last 15 years caused an indentation on the whistle which coincided with the abraded teeth. Conditions such as abrasion may need active restorations. A general dental practitioner should accurately identify the cause and treat the esthetic and functional impairment as required.

DOI: 10.4103/amhsr.amhsr_438_15

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