Whispering gallery microsensors: a review

  title={Whispering gallery microsensors: a review},
  author={Xuefeng Jiang and Abraham J. Qavi and Steven H. Huang and Lan Yang},
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Optothermal dynamics in whispering-gallery microresonators
The mechanisms of laser-field-induced thermal nonlinear effects, including thermal bistability and thermal oscillation are discussed, and some techniques employed to achieve thermal stability in a high-quality-factor resonator system are reviewed.
Whispering gallery mode microresonator for nonlinear optics
Whispering gallery mode (WGM) microresonators, benefitting from the ultrahigh quality (Q) factors and small mode volumes, could considerably enhance the light-matter interaction, making it an ideal
High-Sensitivity Whispering Gallery Mode Humidity Sensor Based on Glycerol Microdroplet Volumetric Expansion
This type of humidity sensor has several advantages, such as high sensitivity, extended lifetime, good repeatability, and low cost, as well as the use of a non-toxic and environmentally friendly liquid.
Excitation of whispering gallery modes with a "point-and-play," fiber-based, optical nano-antenna.
The coupling method is simple, low-cost and, most importantly, the Q-factor can be maintained at 108 over a wide coupling range, thereby making it suitable for metrology, sensing, or cavity quantum electrodynamics experiments.
Angle-polished fibers as a robust coupling tool for photonics
Whispering gallery mode devices have emerged as a powerful class of optical devices in which light-matter interactions are significantly enhanced within micron-scale structures, making them an ideal
High-Resolution Optical Microresonator-Based Sensor Enabled by Microwave Photonic Sidebands Processing
We theoretically and experimentally investigate the high-resolution performance of an optical microresonator-based sensor scheme incorporating microwave photonic sidebands processing. The optical
Continuous tuning of unidirectional emission wavelength by bending a notched-elliptical polymer microdisk.
A whispering-gallery-mode microresonator enables unidirectional emission with ultra-low divergence, of which the emission efficiency and Q factor are stabilized, demonstrating the whole structure is robust and relatively insensitive within a certain bending angle range.


Whispering gallery microcavity lasers
Whispering gallery mode (WGM) optical microresonators have attracted intense interests in the past decades. The combination of high quality factors (Q) and small mode volumes of modes in WGM
WGM microresonators: sensing, lasing and fundamental optics with microspheres
Glass microsphere resonators that support optical resonances known as whispering‐gallery modes are unique tools for studying and exploiting optical effects under extremely well controlled conditions.
Hybrid plasmonic-photonic whispering gallery mode resonators for sensing: a critical review.
A comparative analysis of the different types of optical sensors specifically designed for bulk refractive index sensing, molecular binding and single object detection identifies the most promising hybrid architectures.
Whispering gallery mode sensors.
A comprehensive overview of sensor technology exploiting optical whispering gallery mode (WGM) resonances by detailing the fundamental principles and theory of WGMs in optical microcavities and the transduction mechanisms frequently employed for sensing purposes.
Refractometric sensor based on whispering-gallery modes of thin capillarie.
Whispering-gallery modes resonances of submicron wall thickness capillaries exhibit very large wavelength shifts as a function of the refractive index of the medium that fills the inside. The
Ringing phenomenon based whispering-gallery-mode sensing
This work experimentally demonstrates that the WGM sensing can be achieved in a much shorter time and is immune to the noise caused by the laser wavelength drift.
Integrated microsphere whispering gallery mode probe for highly sensitive refractive index measurement
We report an integrated whispering gallery mode microresonator–based sensor probe for refractive index sensing. The probe was made by sealing a borosilicate glass microsphere into a thin-wall glass
A scatterer-assisted whispering-gallery-mode microprobe
Abstract A fiber-based whispering-gallery-mode (WGM) microprobe, combining both the high optical field enhancement of the WGMs and the compact structure of the optical fiber, is highly desired for
UV-curable adhesive microsphere whispering gallery mode resonators
We report the fabrication and optical characterization of spherical whispering gallery mode (WGM) resonators made from ultraviolet (UV)-curable adhesive. The fabricated microspheres have good
Detection of nanoparticles with a frequency locked whispering gallery mode microresonator
We detect 39 nm × 10 nm gold nanorods using a microtoroid stabilized via the Pound-Drever-Hall method. Real-time detection is achieved with signal-to-noise ratios up to 12.2. These nanoparticles are