Which type of international organizations can settle civil wars?

  title={Which type of international organizations can settle civil wars?},
  author={Magnus Lundgren},
  journal={The Review of International Organizations},
  • Magnus Lundgren
  • Published 2017
  • Political Science
  • The Review of International Organizations
International organizations (IOs) take on an increasing share of civil war mediation around the world. The determinants of IO mediation effectiveness remain poorly understood, partly because prior research has not adequately captured the institutional heterogeneity of peace-brokering IOs. To explore how mediation effectiveness depends on institutional variation, I combine newly gathered data on the design of 13 peace-brokering IOs with existing data on 109 civil war mediation episodes in the… Expand
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Rivalry and Overlap: Why Regional Economic Organizations Encroach on Security Organizations
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On Legitimacy Crises and the Resources of Global Governance Institutions : A Surprisingly Weak Relationship?
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Conclusion: Increasing the Chances of Autonomy Success
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Fully-automated liberalism? Blockchain technology and international cooperation in an anarchic world
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Introducing an Agenda-based Measurement of Mediation Success: The Divergent Effects of the Manipulation Strategy in African Civil Wars
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