[Which brakes upon severe dementia clinical research?].


Publications devoted to severe dementia remain limited, whereas several authors underline the need to carry on clinical research in the field. The aim of this paper is to analyze the various technical, psychological and sociological factors that slow down the development of clinical research in severe dementia. To reduce these obstacles seems of main interest considering the economic, medical and human issues related to the severe stage of dementia.

DOI: 10.1684/pnv.2010.0213

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@article{Gillioz2010WhichBU, title={[Which brakes upon severe dementia clinical research?].}, author={Anne-Sophie Gillioz and H{\'e}l{\`e}ne Villars and P. E. Malo and Ga{\"{e}lle Silvestre and Pierre Jouanny}, journal={Psychologie & neuropsychiatrie du vieillissement}, year={2010}, volume={8 3}, pages={193-9} }