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Which Colors Best Catch Your Eyes: a Subjective Study of Color Saliency

  title={Which Colors Best Catch Your Eyes: a Subjective Study of Color Saliency},
  author={E. Gelasca and D. Toma{\vs}i{\'c} and T. Ebrahimi},
  • E. Gelasca, D. Tomašić, T. Ebrahimi
  • Published 2005
  • Geography
  • To determine Regions of Interest (ROI) in a scene, percep-tual saliency of regions has to be measured. When scenes are viewed with the same context and motivation, these ROIs are often highly correlated among different people. As a result, it is possible to develop a computational model of visual attention that can analyze a scene and accurately esti-mate the location of viewers ROIs. Color saliency is inves-tigated in this paper. In particular, a subjective experiment has been carried out to… CONTINUE READING
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