Where is the Middle East

  title={Where is the Middle East},
  author={H. Davison},
  journal={Foreign Affairs},
  • H. Davison
  • Published 1960
  • Political Science
  • Foreign Affairs
Religious Connotations in Spanish and English Forenames: A Contrastive Study
Names are a subject which concerns us all. Although in recent times the interest in them has grown, until now, most of the research carried out on names in both England and Spain has been devoted toExpand
Visions of Past and Present? Travel Journalism Features and TripAdvisor Reviews of Tourist Destinations in the Middle East
The exploration of the representation of ‘others’ in travel journalism is widely acknowledged as a well-established line of academic enquiry (Fursich & Kavoori, 2001). It has led to consideration ofExpand
A model of cumulative racial-ethnic trauma among Americans of Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) descent.
This article offers a conceptual model of cumulative racial-ethnic trauma to represent the unique experiences of the MENA American population and discusses how the model can help to create a foundation for future inquiry and contribute to intervention efforts to find effective ways to support resilience and thriving for the MENa American population. Expand
Professional Development for IR Professionals: Middle East and North Africa
The past three decades have witnessed exponential growth in the number of higher education institutions in the MENA region – particularly in the oil rich countries of the Gulf region. ProliferationExpand
Eurocentrism, Africanity and ‘the Jihad’: Towards an Africa Worldview on Jihadism
Constructions of the Jihadist threat in the West African sub-region have been dominated by knowledge preferences around the ‘Global War on Terror’ (GWoT). Analysis of political response to terroris...
Arab Nationalism: Mistaken Identity
consciousness. "Awake, O Arabs, and arise!" begins the famous ode of Ibrahim al-Yaziji, penned in 1868 in Lebanon.1 George Antonius deployed the line as the epigraph of his influential book, The ArabExpand
Automated temporal NDVI analysis over the Middle East for the period 1982 - 2010
The NDVI time-series consist of trend, season and noise. Changes in the season component are related to climate factors and they happen gradually over long period of time. The changes in the trendExpand