Where are the diseases of yesteryear? DaCosta's syndrome, soldiers heart, the effort syndrome, neurocirculatory asthenia--and the mitral valve prolapse syndrome.

  title={Where are the diseases of yesteryear? DaCosta's syndrome, soldiers heart, the effort syndrome, neurocirculatory asthenia--and the mitral valve prolapse syndrome.},
  author={Charles F. Wooley},
  volume={53 5},
  • C. Wooley
  • Published 1 May 1976
  • Medicine
  • Circulation
DACOSTA DESCRIBED "IRRITABLE HEART" in 1871,1 a peculiar form of functional disorder of the heart seen in the military population during the War Between the States. He thought this disorder was similar to that described earlier among British troops in India and in the Crimean War. The disorder frequently presented either after an episode of diarrhea and persisted after the digestive disturbances had passed away, or originated suddenly without previous digestive disorder. Two-thirds of his 300… 

The mitral valve prolapse epidemic: fact or fiction.

It is the opinion that the presence of a click or typical murmur requires some anatomic abnormality of the mitral valve, and it is hoped that several more years of observation will be required to answer this question.

The click-murmur syndrome and anxiety disorder.

The comprehensive review of the click-murmur syndrome failed to address the increased incidence of psychiatric morbidity in persons with this syndrome, and the "nonspecific" presenting complaints in patients demonstrate considerable overlap with the symptoms of chronic anxiety disorders.

Mitral valve prolapse.

From irritable heart to mitral valve prolapse: the Osler connection.

  • C. Wooley
  • History
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Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP) and Various Psychoneurophysiologic Disorders: The Missing Link?

Mitral valve prolapse has been found in chromosomal diseases such as Turner’s and Down’'s syndromes or in extra-chromosomal formations such as Noonan's disease, resulting in the formation of histodysplasias.

Anxiety and the aching heart

The hyperventilation test undertaken in the doctor's office is a very useful way of explaining this condition to the patient and reassuring him of its relatively benign nature.

Embolism in mitral valve prolapse.

Cardiac auscultation once identified mid systolic clicks and late systolic mitral bruits and murmurs unrelated to recognized heart lesions. It was believed that they might be of extracardiac origin,



Prolapse of the mitral valve: clinical and cine-angiocardiographic findings.

Correlations of the cine-angiograms with phonocardiograms have provided a functional anatomical basis for the late onset of the murmur as well as the systolic click which was present in 3 of the patients.

Diseases of the Heart

Much new material has been added and the author has presented us with an admirable sion will I? Jn?dern cardiology for which the profesors are grateful.

The soldier's heart and the effort syndrome

Mid-systolic clicks.

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Neurocirculatory asthenia: 1972 concept.