Where The Trans Men and Enbies At?: Cissexism, Sexual Threat, and the Study of Sex Work

  title={Where The Trans Men and Enbies At?: Cissexism, Sexual Threat, and the Study of Sex Work},
  author={Angela Jones},
  journal={Sociology Compass},
  • Angela Jones
  • Published 7 January 2020
  • Sociology
  • Sociology Compass

FOSTA: A Transnational Disaster Especially for Marginalized Sex Workers

  • Angela Jones
  • Sociology
    International Journal of Gender, Sexuality and Law
  • 2022
The Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) has caused immeasurable economic harm and compromises workers' safety and harm reduction practices. The law has had the most harmful effects on the most

Webcam Performers Resisting Social Harms: “You're on the Web Masturbating… It's Just about Minimising the Footprint”

  • Rachel Stuart
  • Law
    International Journal of Gender, Sexuality and Law
  • 2022
This article will bring together Deleuze and Guattari’s theory of Smooth Space and zemiological debates of social harms to respond to the question set by Jane Scoular (2015): does the law matter in

Digital Exclusion and the Structural Barriers to Safety Strategies among Men and Non-Binary Sex Workers Who Solicit Clients Online

Background: Evidence shows that online solicitation facilitates sex workers’ ability to mitigate the risk of workplace violence. However, little is known about how end-demand sex work criminalization

“The Transgender Craze Seducing Our [Sons]”; or, All the Trans Guys Are Just Dating Each Other

Recent antitrans discourses have critiqued trans masculinity in particular as a site of social panic and contagion for proto-trans adolescents. In extreme cases, this is framed as a seduction.

Subverted agency: The dilemmas of disempowerment in digital practices

A common view is that marginalized groups benefit substantially from strategic use of digital technologies. An intersectionality perspective, however, suggests that these outcomes may vary depending

“You’re the One That Was on Uncle’s Wall!”: Identity, Whanaungatanga and Connection for Takatāpui (LGBTQ+ Māori)

Takatāpui (Māori LGBTIQ+) challenge static notions of relationality and belonging or whanaungatanga for Māori. Explorations of Māori and LGBTIQ+ identity can often polarise experiences of family as

Money, Agency, and Self-Care among Cisgender and Trans People in Sex Work

Many qualitative studies about the exchange of sex for money, drugs, and less tangible outcomes (i.e., social status) contend that this activity contributes to high levels of internalized stigma




  • The SAGE Encyclopedia of Trans Studies
  • 2021

Sexual Compulsivity Among Gay/Bisexual Male Escorts Who Advertise on the Internet

This exploratory investigation sought to understand the relationship between sexual compulsivity and HIV sexual risk behaviors among gay/bisexual male escorts in New York City. While previous studies

The Trans*-Ness of Blackness, the Blackness of Trans*-Ness

The essay thinks radically differently about the concepts of black and trans*. Trans* and black thus denote poetic, para-ontological forces that are only tangentially, and ultimately arbitrarily,

Internet Sex Work: Beyond the Gaze

This book takes readers behind the screen to uncover how digital technologies have affected the UK sex industry. The authors use extensive new datasets to explore the working practices, safety and

The Development of Transgender Studies in Sociology

The field of transgender studies has grown exponentially in sociology over the last decade. In this review, we track the development of this field through a critical overview of the sociological