Where Does Lenalidomide Fit in Non-del(5q) MDS?

  title={Where Does Lenalidomide Fit in Non-del(5q) MDS?},
  author={Aristoteles Achilles Nikolaus Giagounidis},
  journal={Current hematologic malignancy reports},
  volume={10 3},
Lenalidomide is nowadays an accepted standard treatment for del(5q) MDS. In non-del(5q) disease, its role is more difficult ot define. Studies have shown that about 18 % of patients treated with a standard dose of 10 mg/day on 21 out of 28 days might achieve erythroid transfusion independence rates that last 6 months or longer. The responses to lenalidomide seem to be inversely correlated to the pre-treatment EPO level. The higher the EPO level, the lower the responses. In the absence of other… CONTINUE READING