Where Are They Now? The Results of an HDFS Alumni Survey

  title={Where Are They Now? The Results of an HDFS Alumni Survey},
  author={Kathleen K. Walker and Maureen Blankemeyer},
A key challenge of family science is to help students acquire a more thorough understanding of the field and career opportunities. To date, knowledge of family science graduates’ professional experiences is primarily anecdotal. The goal of this study is to present empirical findings from an online survey completed by 216 human development and family studies (HDFS) undergraduate alumni. Most were employed in positions related to their degree or had pursued post-undergraduate education… 

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Verglichen mit vielen akademischen Fachern, die sich (auch) mit Familie beschaftigen, ist die Familienwissenschaft eine relativ junge Disziplin. Ihre nicht einmal hundertjahrige Geschichte begann in

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