Where's the Theory for Software Engineering?

  title={Where's the Theory for Software Engineering?},
  author={Pontus Johnson and Mathias Ekstedt and Ivar Jacobson},
  journal={IEEE Software},
Darwin's theory of natural selection, Maxwell's equations, the theory of demand and supply; almost all established academic disciplines place great emphasis on what their core theory is. This is not, however, the case in software engineering. What is the reason behind the software engineering community's apparent indifference to a concept that is so important to so many others? 

An empirical approach to a general theory of software (engineering)

  • M. Ekstedt
  • Philosophy
    2013 2nd SEMAT Workshop on a General Theory of Software Engineering (GTSE)
  • 2013
An approach to how a general theory of software engineering could be developed is described, arguing that the approach should be top-down in nature and that the theory should include predictive capabilities that are empirically corroborated and as a result of the ambition to be general the theory needs to be probabilistic.

Reference and Structure of Software Engineering Theories

This paper tries to contribute towards the solution of an important question raised in the SE literature: What is a Software Engineering (SE) specific theory? Which are the main features of a theory

Possible core theories for software engineering

  • P. Ralph
  • Computer Science
    2013 2nd SEMAT Workshop on a General Theory of Software Engineering (GTSE)
  • 2013
Five theories that provide insight into software engineering behavior are reviewed - Complexity Theory, Sensemaking-Coevolution-Implementation Theory, the Theory of Boundary Objects, Transactive Memory Theory and the theory of Cognitive Biases.

Theory and Basic Research in Software Engineering ?

The need for a reorientation of empirical research in software engineering through theory development and basic research is shown and their relationship emphasized.

A design theory for software engineering

A General Theory of Engineering: Thinking Bigger than Software

Two theories of software engineering are described, one of which captures and generalise relationships between some of the most important elements that are found in Software Engineering, by introducing a systematisation of concepts and practices.

System components of a general theory of software engineering

Theory-oriented software engineering

Open Research Online A design theory for software engineering

Context: Software Engineering is a discipline that has been shaped by over 50 years of practice. Many have argued that its theoretical basis has been slow to develop and that, in fact, a substantial

Towards middle-range usable design theories for software engineering

It is argued to reduce the ambition for a general theory of software engineering to that of a patchwork of middle-range theories about how artifacts can be used by practitioners.