Whence Deep Realism for Everettian Quantum Mechanics?

  title={Whence Deep Realism for Everettian Quantum Mechanics?},
  author={Raoni Wohnrath Arroyo and Jonas Rafael Becker Arenhart},
  journal={Foundations of Physics},
‘Shallow’ and ‘deep’ versions of scientific realism may be distinguished as follows: the shallow realist is satisfied with belief in the existence of the posits of our best scientific theories; by contrast, deep realists claim that realism can be legitimate only if such entities are described in metaphysical terms. We argue that this methodological discussion can be fruitfully applied in Everettian quantum mechanics, specifically on the debate concerning the existence of worlds and the recent… 



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In this review, I specify the metametaphysical background in which Alastair Wilson’s “ The Nature of Contingency ” (Oxford University Press, 2020) should be properly understood. Metaphysics, as a

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We discuss some methodological aspects of the relation between physics and metaphysics by dealing specifically with the case of non-relativistic quantum mechanics. Our main claim is that current

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Everett (1957a, b, 1973) relative-state formulation of quantum mechanics has often been taken to involve a metaphysical commitment to the existence of many splitting worlds each containing physical

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This paper shall discuss how the specific characterization of the RV through non-reflexive logics came to be framed and how some of these alternative approaches to the RV may be immune to most of the criticisms presented against the non- Reflexive approach.

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It is sometimes argued that, given its detachment from our current most successful science, analytic metaphysics has no epistemic value because it contributes nothing to our knowledge of reality.

Physics, metaphysics, dispositions, and symmetries - À la French.

Defending eliminative structuralism and a whole lot more (or less).

  • S. French
  • Philosophy
    Studies in history and philosophy of science
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