When was Melaka founded and was it known earlier by another name? Exploring the debate between Gabriel Ferrand and Gerret Pieter Rouffaer, 1918−21, and its long echo in historiography

  title={When was Melaka founded and was it known earlier by another name? Exploring the debate between Gabriel Ferrand and Gerret Pieter Rouffaer, 1918−21, and its long echo in historiography},
  author={Peter Borschberg},
  journal={Journal of Southeast Asian Studies},
  pages={175 - 196}
A century ago, research on the Malay world was experiencing major breakthroughs on several fronts, but the greatest achievement at the time was without doubt George Coedès’ ‘rediscovery’, based on Asian sources, of a forgotten kingdom named Srivijaya. His book, published in 1918, saw a wave of publications follow in its wake. Sources were trawled in the hope of finding answers to unresolved issues and unidentified place names. Attention invariably also fell on Melaka. In a long article… 
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1. Ferrand, who argued for an early date (Ferrand, G., 'Malaka, le Malayu et Malayur', Journal Asiatique, Ile s?rie, tome XI, 1918, pp.391-484, & tome XII, 1918, pp.51-154), see Rouffaer, G.P., 'Was

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