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When robots rule the waves

  title={When robots rule the waves},
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Societal and Ethical Issues in HRI
The purpose of this review is to give an overview of the societal and ethical issues in human-robot interaction, (HRI), mainly focusing on the literature of the last five years. Both general ethical
Advantages of aquatic animals as models for bio-inspired drones over present AUV technology.
  • F. Fish
  • Environmental Science
    Bioinspiration & biomimetics
  • 2019
Comparison of animal swimming performance with convenetional AUVs and BAUVs demonstrates that natural systems still have swimming capabilities beyond the current state of AUV technology.
Modular soft pneumatic actuator system design for compliance matching
This thesis work approaches the investigation of compliance matching of hardware systems to their applications, by providing methods to achieve mechanical attributes complimentary to their environment and end-use, which leverage and demonstrate three key features: Intrinsic compliance, passive elastic and flexible component material properties.
RoboScallop: A Bivalve Inspired Swimming Robot
Leveraging this locomotion principle may provide unique benefits over other existing underwater propulsion techniques, including robustness, scalability, resistance to entanglement, and possible implicit water treatment capabilities, to drive the further development of a new class of self-contained, hybrid-stiffness underwater robots.
Naval robots and rescue
Abstract The development of unmanned systems (UMS) for naval combat poses a profound challenge to existing conventions regarding the treatment of the shipwrecked and wounded in war at sea. Article 18


Robots and Respect.
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The Legal Response to Robotic Revolution on Sea, Land and Air,” Journal of Law, Information and Science 19, no
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U.S. Navy Tests Robot Boat Swarm to Overwhelm Enemies,
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ONR: Large Underwater Drone Set for 2016 West Coast Cruise,
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Twenty Seconds to Comply: Autonomous Weapon Systems and the Recognition of Surrender
ONR to Swim Ahead on ASW Package for Large UUV,
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Sea Power in the Robotic Age,
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Unmanned maritime surveillance and weapons systems
The rapid evolution of military robotic technology evident today has seen the emergence and growing acceptance of unmanned vehicles (UVs) across all three operating environments, air, land and sea.
Jellyfish ‘RoboCop’ Will Help Save the World’s Oceans by Patrolling US Waters like an Aquatic Spy,
  • DailyMail.com,
  • 2013