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When is $F(p)$ the Laplace transform of a bounded $f(t)$?

  title={When is \$F(p)\$ the Laplace transform of a bounded \$f(t)\$?},
  author={Alexander G. Ramm},
  • A. Ramm
  • Published 12 January 2022
  • Mathematics
Sufficient conditions are given for a function F (p), analytic in Rep > 0, to be a Laplace transform of a function f(t), such that maxt≥0|f(t)| < ∞, f(0) = 0. 



The Laplace Transform

THE theory of Fourier integrals arises out of the elegant pair of reciprocal formulæThe Laplace TransformBy David Vernon Widder. (Princeton Mathematical Series.) Pp. x + 406. (Princeton: Princeton

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