When body positivity falls flat: Divergent effects of body acceptance messages that support vs. undermine basic psychological needs.

  title={When body positivity falls flat: Divergent effects of body acceptance messages that support vs. undermine basic psychological needs.},
  author={Lisa Legault and Anise Sago},
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#BoPo on Instagram: An experimental investigation of the effects of viewing body positive content on young women’s mood and body image
It was concluded that body-positive content may offer a fruitful avenue for improving young women’s body image, although further research is necessary to fully understand the effects on self-objectification.
A Self-determination Theory Approach to the Study of Body Image Concerns, Self-presentation and Self-perceptions in a Sample of Aerobic Instructors
The results underline the importance of overall and exercise-specific feelings of self-determination in dealing with body image concerns and low self-perceptions of aerobics instructors.
The "What" and "Why" of Goal Pursuits: Human Needs and the Self-Determination of Behavior
Self-determination theory (SDT) maintains that an understanding of human motivation requires a consideration of innate psychological needs for competence, autonomy, and relatedness. We discuss the
The Commodification of the Body Positive Movement on Instagram
Since 2012 there has been a heightened presence of the body positive movement on Instagram. Women who occupy non-normative bodies use the platform to post selfies to challenge dominant ideals of
Self-subjugation among women: exposure to sexist ideology, self-objectification, and the protective function of the need to avoid closure.
Exposure to benevolent and complementary forms of sexism, but not hostile or no sexism, increased state self-objectification, self-surveillance, and body shame among women but not men in Experiment 1, and revealed that the need to avoid closure might afford women some protection against self- objectification in the context of sexist ideology.
Eating the Other Yogi: Kathryn Budig, the Yoga Industrial Complex, and the Appropriation of Body Positivity
Author(s): Miller, Amara Lindsay | Abstract: This paper discusses the appropriation of body positivity discourse by Kathryn Budig and the yoga industry. During the appropriation process, the
A meta-analysis of techniques to promote motivation for health behaviour change from a self-determination theory perspective
Meta-regression analysis showed that individual strategies had limited independent impact on outcomes, endorsing the suggestion that a need supportive environment requires the combination of multiple co-acting techniques.