When are the $q/3$ fractional quantum Hall states stable?

  title={When are the \$q/3\$ fractional quantum Hall states stable?},
  author={Yang Liu and Javad Shabani and Mansour Shayegan},
  journal={Physical Review B},
Magneto-transport measurements in a wide GaAs quantum well in which we can tune the Fermi energy ($E_F$) to lie in different Landau levels of the two occupied electric subbands reveal a remarkable pattern for the appearance and disappearance of fractional quantum Hall states at $\nu$ = 10/3, 11/3, 13/3, 14/3, 16/3, and 17/3. The data provide direct evidence that the $q/3$ states are stable and strong even at such high fillings as long as $E_F$ lies in a ground-state (N=0) Landau level of either… Expand

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