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When Trumpets Call: Theodore Roosevelt After the White House

  title={When Trumpets Call: Theodore Roosevelt After the White House},
  author={Patricia O'Toole},
From the author of the acclaimed "Five of Hearts," this highly praised, spell-binding biography is the definitive account of TR's final decade, the most poignant -- and in some ways, the most heroic -- years of his extraordinary life. Drawn from a wealth of new materials, this is a remarkable portrait of a remarkable man. 
Finding Theodore Roosevelt: A Personal and Political Story1
  • K. Dalton
  • History
    The Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era
  • 2007
A grand man-on-horseback statue of Theodore Roosevelt stands guard at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Its heroic magnitude should remind historians that cinematic stories about
A Hero’s Welcome: Theodore Roosevelt’s Triumphal Tour of Europe in 1910
One most extraordinary thing about the ex-president’s European tour was his and the United States’ popularity and prestige. Another was that everywhere he went, he was perfectly attuned to his
Managing Women's Equality: Theodore Roosevelt, the Frontier Myth, and the Modern Woman
Popular and political notions about Theodore Roosevelt's larger-than-life, masculine persona helped him to shape many of the issues facing the country at the turn of the twentieth century. His legacy
The Afterlives of Post-War Japanese Prime Ministers
ABSTRACT Despite growing interest over the last 20 years in the position and power of the Japanese prime minister, what he does after resigning from this position has been overlooked in the extant
Shining Through the Everlasting Twilight
The world of physical therapy became a much less interesting place on August 27, 2005, with the untimely death of Jules Rothstein, PT, PhD, FAPTA, Editor in Chief Emeritus of Physical Therapy . Under
Deferments and the Relative Cost of Conscription
Abstract A model of military conscription with costly deferments is developed. Deferments may enable the induction of only those with the lowest reservation wages, avoiding the usual misallocation of
Mr. Worldwide: International Affairs and the American Post-Presidency
We conduct a detailed survey of post-presidential involvement in foreign affairs, identifying eight distinct role types through which former presidents continue to impact the international arena.
Virtue, Interest, and Works in American Foreign Policy
Three questions shape American foreign policy: Is it right? Is it in the national interest? And does it work? “Right” is defined by the American ethos, sometimes called the civil religion.
“And we would have the field”: U.S. Steel and American trade policy, 1908–1912
Recent surveys revealed few producers in an export sector participate in trade. Economists explained this result by relaxing their assumption about firms’ operations, to produce a novel
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