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When Gangnam Hits the Middle East

  title={When Gangnam Hits the Middle East},
  author={Irina Lyan and Sulafa Zidani and Limor Shifman},
  journal={Asian Communication Research},
In this paper, we analyze “Gangnam Style” re-makes from a memetic point of view. Our examination unfolds in three parts. First, we present our conceptual framework, according to which Internet memes constitute forms of interpretive (and potentially also political) participation. We then focus our discussion on the case of “Gangnam Style”, in an attempt to unpack the song’s memetic success. In the third and main part we move from the initial video to its successors, asking: What types of changes… 

Not Arabi or Ajnabi: Arab Youth and Reorienting Humor

This article examines a type of online content created by Arab youth that mixes local and foreign popular culture and politics. This content is examined in relation to the position of Arab youth

The Korean Wave (Hallyu) and Its Cultural Translation by Fans in Qatar

This study employs in-depth qualitative interviews with Arab fans of Korean popular culture who live in Qatar to examine their cultural translation of Korean TV drama and K-pop music. It uses a

Welcome to Korea Day: From Diasporic to Hallyu “Fan-Nationalism”

With the increasing appeal of Korean popular culture known as the Korean Wave or hallyu , fans in Israel among Korean studies students have joined—and even replaced—ethnic Koreans in performing

Fan Entrepreneurship: Fandom, Agency, and the Marketing of Hallyu in Israel

While the overall majority of Hallyu research has looked at the way fans consume Korean popular culture and how it influences their identity, this paper focuses on the way these fans serve as

Is parody dangerous?

  • S. Troitskiy
  • Education
    The European Journal of Humour Research
  • 2021
This article arose from the scandal which broke out in Russia in 2018, when Ulyanovsk cadets made an amateur video clip parodying the Benny Benassi’s musical video (2003). Soon, this video had more