When Fringe Goes Mainstream: A Sociohistorical Content Analysis of the Christian Coalition's Contract With The American Family and the Republican Party Platform

  title={When Fringe Goes Mainstream: A Sociohistorical Content Analysis of the Christian Coalition's Contract With The American Family and the Republican Party Platform},
  author={Landon Schnabel},
  journal={Politics, Religion \& Ideology},
  pages={113 - 94}
  • Landon Schnabel
  • Published 1 March 2013
  • Sociology
  • Politics, Religion & Ideology
Successful social movements gain an inside voice and reshape the larger system from within. Knowing the extent to which the Christian Right has gained a voice within the Republican Party is vital to understanding the current state of party politics and civil religion in America. This study considers sociohistorical developments in the Christian Right and analyzes the placement of the goals contained within the Christian Coalition's Contract with the American Family in Republican platforms. The… 
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