Wheat extracts as an efficient cryoprotective agent for primary cultures of rat hepatocytes

  title={Wheat extracts as an efficient cryoprotective agent for primary cultures of rat hepatocytes},
  author={F. Hamel and M. Grondin and F. Denizeau and D. Averill-Bates and F. Sarhan},
  journal={Biotechnology and Bioengineering},
Hepatocytes are an important physiological model for evaluation of metabolic and biological effects of xenobiotics. They do not proliferate in culture and are extremely sensitive to damage during freezing and thawing, even after the addition of classical cryoprotectants. Thus improved cryopreservation techniques are needed to reduce cell injury and functional impairment. Here, we describe a new and efficient cryopreservation method, which permits long‐term storage and recovery of large… Expand
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