What you always wanted to know about Bohmian mechanics but were afraid to ask

  title={What you always wanted to know about Bohmian mechanics but were afraid to ask},
  author={Oliver Passon},
Bohmian mechanics is an alternative interpretation of quantum mechanics. We outline the main characteristics of its non-relativistic formulation. Most notably it does provide a simple solution to the infamous measurement problem of quantum mechanics. Presumably the most common objection against Bohmian mechanics is based on its non-locality and its apparent conflict with relativity and quantum field theory. However, several models for a quantum field theoretical generalization do exist. We give… 
Mind, Matter, Information and Quantum Interpretations
It is argued that pragmatic information is not applicable to the Copenhagen interpretation since the interpretation is primarily concerned with epistemology rather than ontology, but it perfectly fits Bohm’s ontological interpretation of quantum mechanics in the realms of biotic and artificial systems.
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Recently there has been a great deal of interest in tabletop experiments intended to exhibit the quantum nature of gravity by demonstrating that it can induce entanglement. In order to evaluate the
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In this paper, I discuss two different formalisms of quantum mechanics, i.e. the orthodox and the de Broglie-Bohm formalisms, as explanations of the interference pattern observed in the doubleslit
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In Sect. 2.3.1, the measurement problem was formulated in the form of a trilemma. In this view, either (i) the wavefunction is not a complete description; or (ii) the time evolution is not a
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This thesis uses high-precision single-photon experiments to shed new light on the role of reality, causality, and uncertainty in quantum mechanics. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the
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A developed reading of Roederer's interpretation of pragmatic information is introduced as a good candidate for a Unifying Information Concept required for an as-yet-unavailable Science of Information.
Probabilities in deBroglie-Bohm Theory: Towards a Stochastic Alternative
We critically examine the role and status probabilities, as they enter via the Quantum Equilibrium Hypothesis, play in the standard, deterministic interpretation of deBroglie’s and Bohm’s Pilot Wave
Two Roads to Retrocausality
In recent years the quantum foundations community has seen increasing interest in the possibility of using retrocausality as a route to rejecting the conclusions of Bell’s theorem and restoring
The main objective of this thesis is to explore spatial superposition as a novel resource for quantum communication. In classical physics, at any instant of time, information flows in one direction


Why isn't every physicist a Bohmian?
This note collects, classifies and evaluates common criticism against the de Broglie Bohm theory, including Ockham's razor, asymmetry in the de Broglie Bohm theory, the ``surreal trajectory''
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This is a review-essay on ``Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Mechanics'' by John Bell and ``The Undivided Universe: An Ontological Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics'' by David Bohm and Basil
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I am concerned with two views of quantum mechanics that John S Bell called ‘unromantic’: spontaneous wavefunction collapse and Bohmian mechanics. I discuss some of their merits and report about
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Recent literature on Bohm's alternative to mainstream quantum mechanics may create the misleading impression that, except for perfunctory dismissals, the theory was ignored by the physics community
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Although there are an increasing number of physicists who are dissatisfied with Bohr’s complementarity, complementarity nevertheless remains an essential element of the commonly accepted
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We review briefly the quantum potential approach to quantum theory, and show that it yields a completely consistent account of the measurement process, including especially what has been called the
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A recently proposed extension of Bohmian mechanics to quantum field theory is discussed, which describes explicit creation and annihilation events of particles: the world lines for the particles can begin and end.
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Bohmian mechanics is arguably the most naively obvious embedding imaginable of Schrödinger's equation into a completely coherent physical theory. It describes a world in which particles move in a
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The statistical interpretation of quantum mechanics
The Statistical Interpretation of quantum theory is formulated for the purpose of providing a sound interpretation using a minimum of assumptions. Several arguments are advanced in favor of