What to Know About Monkeypox.

  title={What to Know About Monkeypox.},
  author={Emily Harris},

Anal Monkeypox Lesions

Demographic, transmission, and clinical characteristics associated with human monkeypox infection, October 2022: a systematic analysis for World Health Organization database and brief review

Results that an African endemic virus has been identified more in worldwide populations than in Africa has shocked scientists which led to the question of why an African disease is becoming a global illness and why the world is currently encountering this problem.

SARS-CoV-2 and monkeypox: what is common and what is not in a present pandemic versus a potential one—a neuropsychiatric narrative review

  • T. Roushdy
  • Medicine
    The Egyptian Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery
  • 2022
A detailed comparison is presented between corona virus and monkeypox virus based on virological characteristics, role of coronairus in monkeypox spread, pathogenesis, neuropsychiatric manifestations, and treatment and management.

Real-time forecasting the trajectory of monkeypox outbreaks at the national and global levels, July - October 2022.

The top-ranked model consistently predicted a decreasing trend in monkeypox cases on the global and country-specific scale during the last ten sequential forecasting periods, reflecting the potential impact of increased immunity, and behavioral modification among high-risk populations.

Knowledge and vaccination acceptance toward the human monkeypox among men who have sex with men in China

The vaccination acceptance rate of this high-risk population was high, and it was closely related to the knowledge factors, fear of infection, and possible contact with people or animals in affected areas.

Monkeypox and HIV in the Canary Islands: A Different Pattern in a Mobile Population

When comparing the clinical characteristics between HIV-positive and -negative patients, the authors found three main differences: a higher frequency of perioral lesions, aHigher frequency of pharyngitis and a higher number of sexually transmitted infections in HIV- positive patients.

Elsevier has created a Monkeypox Information Center in response to the declared public health emergency of international concern, with free information in English on the monkeypox virus. The Monkeypox Information

Multisectoral collaboration in breaking the transmission cycle of monkeypox infection and other preventive measures must be improved upon to ensure infection spread preparedness and strengthen the healthcare system.