What to Do about High-Frequency Trading

  title={What to Do about High-Frequency Trading},
  author={Larry C. Harris},
  journal={Financial Analysts Journal},
  pages={6 - 9}
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Analysis of new sentiment and its application to finance

This thesis was submitted for the degree of Doctor of philosophy and awarded by Brunel University

Market mechanism refinement on a continuous limit order book venue: a case study

The exercise sought to address problems associated with continuous markets that have been described in recent literature, and the design of the refinement is described, and its consequences are discussed.

High-Frequency Trading and Market Performance

We study the consequences of high-frequency trading (HFT) — and potential policy responses — via the tradeoff between liquidity and information production. Faster speeds facilitate HFT with

The Behaviour of High-Frequency Traders Under Different Market Stress Scenarios

This empirical study on European stocks gives evidence about the practices of high frequency traders (HFTs) under market stress. In the absence of significant news, whatever the market conditions, ...

High-Frequency Trading Strategies

We examine the effect of high-frequency trading on market quality from the perspective of a limit order trader. By competing with slower limit order traders, high-frequency traders impose a welfare

The Welfare Impact of High Frequency Trading∗ Preliminary draft

We show in a dynamic trading model that market fragmentation, induced by an informational friction resulting from high frequency trading, may generate market instability (flash crashes) and

High-frequency trading: a literature review

  • G. Virgilio
  • Economics
    Financial Markets and Portfolio Management
  • 2019
The relatively recent phenomenon of high-frequency trading has had a profound impact on the micro-structure of financial markets. Several authors hailed it as a provider of liquidity and a mechanism

High‐Frequency Trading and Market Performance

High-frequency trading has transformed financial markets in recent years. We study the consequences of this development using a model with multiple trading venues, costly information acquisition, and

Does Algorithmic Trading Deter Information Acquisition?

I demonstrate an important tension between acquiring information and incorporating it into asset prices. As a salient case, I analyze algorithmic trading (AT), which is typically associated with