What is this thing called philosophy of science?

  title={What is this thing called philosophy of science?},
  author={John Worrall and Deborah G. Mayo and J. J. C. Smart and Barry Barnes},
Konstruktion und Verwertungslogik sozialer Krisen - dargestellt an der öffentlichen Diskussion über Gesundheit und Fitness von Kindern und Jugendlichen
Die Konstruktion tatsachlicher oder vermeintlicher sozialer Probleme und ihre Etikettierung als Krise folgen regelmasigen Mustern und verlaufen nicht selten interessengeleitet. Sowohl die Entstehung
Sportwissenschaft als Kirche der Vernunft und ihre Gläubigen – die normativen Grundlagen wissenschaftlicher Rationalität
In einer wissenschaftlichen Disziplin, die als angewandte Wissenschaft im kalten Krieg die Uberlegenheit des jeweiligen Blocks symbolisch auf dem Felde des Sports ermoglichen und stutzen sollte, war
Can Scientific Theories Be Warranted with Severity? Exchanges with Alan Chalmers
1. Experimental Reasoning and Reliability : Can generalizations and theoretical claims ever be warranted with severity? What is an argument from coincidence? Do experimental data so underdetermine
The Fertility of Theories
In addition to empirical adequacy and compatibility with other current theories, scientific theories are commonly judged on three criteria – simplicity, elegance, and fertility. Fertility has
The error statistical philosopher as normative naturalist
A naturalistic account for appraising scientific methods that carries non-trivial normative force and another approach for meta-methodology based on a conglomeration of tools and strategies that affords forward looking procedures for learning from error and for controlling error is suggested.
De la modélisation des comportements à l'évaluation des politiques publiques : le cas des transports
C'est dans le cadre d'une vision strategique interdisciplinaire de la recherche appliquee aux transports – mais en me revendiquant comme economiste –, que je propose une synthese de mes travaux.
On being a scientist with scientifically controversial beliefs An exploration of the experiences and views of scientists with beliefs that are not endorsed by a scientific consensus
Beliefs that concern the religious, spiritual or paranormal domain are often scientifically controversial. Science is valued highly among scientists and in society. As a result, both the influence of


What Is This Thing Called Science
This book discusses falsificationism, Kuhn's paradigms, Feyerabend's anarchistic theory of science, and the new experimentalism.