What is the monster

  title={What is the monster},
  author={Richard E. Borcherds},
  journal={arXiv: Group Theory},
  • R. Borcherds
  • Published 24 September 2002
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Group Theory
about equal to the number of elementary particles in the planet Jupiter. The monster was originally predicted to exist by Fischer and by Griess in the early 1970’s. Griess constructed it a few years later in an extraordinary tour de force as the group of linear transformations on a vector space of dimension 196883 that preserved a certain commutative but non-associative bilinear product, now called the Griess product. Our knowledge of the structure and representations of the monster is now… 

What is Majorana theory ?

The existence of the Monster was independently conjectured by B. Fischer and R. Griess in 1973. It was first constructed by Griess in [Gri82] as the automorphism group of VM, a 196,884dimensional

The Concept of Existence in Mathematics El concepto de existencia en matemáticas

We assert that, from a pragmatic point of view, mathematicians treat mathematical objects as if they were real. If a theory is consistent, theorems are discovered (sometimes with analyses not

Superstring Theory and the Real World

The demonstration of anomaly cancellation itself was a highly significant event, but as the previous chapter argued, perhaps of more significance was the manner in which the cancellation occurred.

A literate tiger: ‘Sangetsuki’ (Tiger-Poet) and the tragedy of discordance

This paper examines Nakajima Atsushi's celebrated short novel about transformation, ‘Sangetsuki’ (‘Tiger-Poet’). I describe Nakajima's view of literacy and how this view is reflected in ‘Sangetsuki’.



Vertex algebras for beginners

Preface. 1: Wightman axioms and vertex algebras. 1.1: Wightman axioms of a QFT. 1.2: d = 2 QFT and chiral algebras. 1.3: Definition of a vertex algebra. 1.4: Holomorphic vertex algebras. 2: Calculus

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