What is the link between vascular dysregulation and glaucoma?

  title={What is the link between vascular dysregulation and glaucoma?},
  author={Matthias C Grieshaber and Maneli Mozaffarieh and J. Flammer},
  journal={Survey of ophthalmology},
  volume={52 Suppl 2},
The need of blood flow to different organs varies rapidly over time which is why there is sophisticated local regulation of blood flow. The term dysregulation simply means that blood flow is not properly adapted to this need. Dysregulative mechanisms can lead to an over- or underperfusion. A steady overperfusion may be less critical for long-term damage. A constant underperfusion, however, can lead to some tissue atrophy or in extreme situations to infarction. Unstable perfusion (underperfusion… CONTINUE READING
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