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What is the difference between implant success and survival and how will it change the future use of implants as a permanent solution to tooth loss

  title={What is the difference between implant success and survival and how will it change the future use of implants as a permanent solution to tooth loss},
  author={Ramneek Kaur Batth},
“Burden of the Triumph:” Burden of peri-implantitis in Indian population – A mathematical model
In spite of the high economic challenge and the risks or complications of peri-implantitis, DIs are gaining prominence and it is the dentists' burden to face the renewed challenges due to emerge and provide remedial measures.
Survivorship bias and its implications in dental research and literature
The concept of survivorship bias in research is discussed by using examples of flaws in study designs or interpretation of data to serve as a caution to practitioners of the need to be aware and critical when reading literature and manufacturers' reports before making decisions regarding materials choices and treatment protocols to follow.


Implant zones of the jaws: implant location and related success rate.
Four alveolar jaw regions are identified--functional implant zones--with unique characteristics of anatomy, blood supply, pattern of bone resorption, bone quality and quantity, need for bone grafting and other supplemental surgical procedures, and a location-related implant success rate.
Characteristics associated with the loss and peri-implant tissue health of endosseous dental implants.
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Results showed that implant survival is associated with (1) the medical status of the patient, (2) the surface coating material of the implant, and (3) implant surgical and healing complications.
Dental Implants: a different perspective Part one
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Dental Implant are they for me
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Dental implant survival in diabetic patients; review and recommendations
Success of dental implant in well and fairly controlled diabetic patients with proper treatment planning, prophylactic remedies and adequate postsurgical maintenance appears as good as normal individuals.
Calibration of new software with cone beam, C.T. for evaluation of its reliability in densitometric analysis around dental implants
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Considerations in Implantology
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Dental implants in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: clinical outcome and peri-implant findings.
In RA patients with concomitant CTD, differences in the peri-implant parameters such as pronounced marginal bone resorption and bleeding may be anticipated and appear to be significantly influenced by the patients' underlying disease.
Implant success, survival, and failure: the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) Pisa Consensus Conference.
A few indices developed for natural teeth are used as an index that is specific for endosteal root-form implants, intended to update and upgrade what is purported to be implant success, implant survival, and implant failure.
Peri-implant diseases may be associated with increased time loading and generalized periodontal bone loss: preliminary results.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of peri-implant diseases around Branemark system implants in Brazilians and the possible relationship with periodontal bone loss, systemic