What is the best perfusion temperature for coronary revascularization?

  title={What is the best perfusion temperature for coronary revascularization?},
  author={Richard Engelman and Alex Pleet and John A. Rousou and Joseph E. Flack and David W. Deaton and Carl A Gregory and Penelope S. Pekow},
  journal={The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery},
  volume={112 6},
  pages={1622-32; discussion 1632-3}
BACKGROUND [corrected] A National Institutes of Health-funded clinical trial of patients undergoing coronary artery bypass randomized perfusate and myocardial preservation to cold, tepid, or warm temperatures. The goal of the trial was to evaluate neurologic function before and after operation (4 days and 1 month after operation) and to measure hematologic data for fibrinolytic potential. METHODS The three groups comprised 116 patients who completed neurologic evaluation by means of the… CONTINUE READING
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