What is the arcuate eminence?

  title={What is the arcuate eminence?},
  author={Alice Faure and Henri Mass{\'e} and Marie Gayet-Delacroix and Mansour Khalfallah and Philippe Bordure and Olivier Hamel and Sylvie Raoul and Jo{\"e}l Leborgne and R. Maszle Robert},
  journal={Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy},
A study was made of 100 homogeneous CT scans of the petrous part of the temporal bone to determine whether or not the arcuate eminence (AE) is a good landmark for the superior semicircular canal (SSCC) in the suprapetrous approach to the internal acoustic meatus which is used in the extirpation of acoustic neuromas. Direct measurements were made on consecutive coronal sections, 1 mm thick. The AE was absent from the petrous surface in 15% of cases. It corresponded to the relief of the SSCC in… CONTINUE READING