What is the Physical

  title={What is the Physical},
  author={Barbara Gail Montero},
The role of desalination in removal of the chemical, physical and biological parameters of drinking water (a case study of Birjand City, Iran)
AbstractOne of the important components of public health is providing clean water in communities. According to documentations by international organizations, it is clear that high percentage of
On Characterizing Metaphysical Naturalism
  • Lok-Chi Chan
  • Philosophy
    Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Mind Volume 1
  • 2021
The disciplinary characterization (DC) is the most popular approach to defining metaphysical naturalism and physicalism. It defines metaphysical naturalism with reference to scientific theories and
The obscurity of the physical: an objection to Chalmers’ conceivability argument
A zombie world is a possible world in which all the microphysical truths are identical to the truths in our world, but no one is phenomenally conscious. A zombie is an individual in a possible world
Contested terrain and terrain that contests: Donald Trump, golf’s environmental politics, and a challenge to anthropocentrism in Physical Cultural Studies
This article focuses on the case of Trump International Golf Links, Scotland (TIGLS), a golf course in Aberdeenshire that opened in 2012 after a lengthy and contentious application and development
Circumstantial intervention: Three perspectives
This article uses our past experiences with ethnography to explore our various interpretations of intervention and/or struggles in conducting interventionist research. By drawing on our personal
[Un]Comfortable in My Own Skin
This article offers a reflexive [re]discovery of my own Whiteness, my own Southern-ness, and my own masculinity through ethnographic engagement with the “New Sporting South”; reporting on the
Elderly's Social Presence Supported by ICTs: Investigating User Requirements for Social Presence
The user requirements for ICTs to support elderly's social inclusion are investigated and results of requirements analyses are presented and implications for the design of ICT's enabling social presence are defined.
Aging Technique Of Rice And Its Characteristics
: Aging is a post-harvest storage process to improve rice's quality and functional properties. Rice that has been through the aging process, especially in color, has different sensory properties from