What is the Optimal Method to Value a Football Club?

  title={What is the Optimal Method to Value a Football Club?},
  author={Thom Markham},
  journal={Capital Markets: Asset Pricing \& Valuation eJournal},
  • T. Markham
  • Published 22 March 2013
  • Economics
  • Capital Markets: Asset Pricing & Valuation eJournal
This paper introduces an original multivariate model developed to value English Premier League (EPL) clubs. Prior to developing the model, established valuation methods were assessed for their accuracy in estimating an EPL club’s worth. Of these models, three were general company valuation techniques: market capitalisation, discounted cash flow and bankruptcy values; and three were contemporary football industry valuation models: revenue multiples, Forbes ‘Most Valuable Soccer Teams’ and broker… 
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