What is spirituality

  title={What is spirituality},
  author={Bruce W. Speck},
  journal={New Directions for Teaching and Learning},
  • B. Speck
  • Published 1 December 2005
  • Philosophy
  • New Directions for Teaching and Learning
Spirituality is difficult to define, but two paradigmatic approaches to worldviews can help provide the basis for two groups of definitions. 
Spirituality, Religion, and Resilience Among Military Families
xi 1. CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION 1 Theoretical Frameworks 3 Rationale for the Study 5 Statement of Researchable Problems 5 Definition of Terms 8
The relationship between spirituality and sustainable procurement in the Australian higher education sector
The thesis has three primary objectives: first, to review the spirituality and sustainable procurement literature and address the gap that exists; second, to investigate the relationship between
Gathering Information on Spirituality
An overview of the concept of spirituality will be presented followed by a discussion concerning the issues that arise when gathering information about the concept using both quantitative and qualitative methods.
Fostering spirituality in community development: the role of soul
This paper argues that a need exists for spirituality to be incorporated into community development. Such a process necessitates a clearer understanding of spirituality's defining essence. Drawing
Christian Education and Spiritual Formation: One and the Same?
Christian education as an academic discipline is under scrutiny due to the rising influence of spiritual formation. Churches are replacing Christian educators with pastors of spiritual formation.
A University Course's Influence on Students' Perpectives Regarding Sabbathkeeping as Spiritual Discipline
The spiritual engagement of students entering institutions that belong to the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities
University of Minnesota Ph.D. dissertation. June 2013. Major: Educational Policy and Administration. Advisor: Melissa S. Anderson. 1 computer file (PDF); xii, 242 pages, appendices A-D.
Assessing Spirituality: The Relationship Between Spirituality and Mental Health
This research study investigated the possible relationship between two spirituality variables (religious coping styles and spiritual well-being) and two psychological variables (anxiety and
The Spirituality Scale
  • C. Delaney
  • Psychology
    Journal of holistic nursing : official journal of the American Holistic Nurses' Association
  • 2005
The psychometric characteristics of the Spirituality Scale provided strong evidence of the reliability and validity of the instrument and have the potential to provide a transforming vision for nursing care and a vehicle to evoking optimal patient outcomes.
Spiritual Assessment: Building Positive Resources for the Distressed Souls
This chapter begins with a general overview of the relationship spirituality and psychology have shared over the course of the development of the field. The recognition of spirituality as a dynamic


Spirituality in the Academy
Nature de la spiritualite en elle-meme, par rapport a la theologie, et comme discipline academique. Eglise catholique, avec une ouverture oecumenique
Can Religion and Spirituality Find a Place in Higher Education?
Do institutions of higher learning have a part to play in supporting students’ religion and spirituality? If so, how can campuses nourish these aspects of students’ lives without undermining such
Theology and Spirituality: Strangers, Rivals, or Partners?
Abstract After tracing the history of the term “spirituality” and the discipline of spirituality up to the mid-twentieth century, this article describes the contemporary understanding of spirituality
A Classroom with a Worldview: Making Spiritual Assumptions Explicit in Management Education
When one considers the role that spirituality plays in management practice and pedagogy, a more fundamental issue begs to be investigated: What is spirituality? The impact spirituality has depends on
Spirituality in Counseling: What Do Counseling Students Think About It?
The author discusses students' reactions to 4 seminars. 1-hour each, on the topic of spirituality in counseling. Students were enrolled in a master's-level counseling program, Several issues emerged
God, Faith, and Management Education
Teaching a course on spiritual values in organizations was done through the use of sacred texts from the world’s major religions. Three models were used to help interpret those texts in light of
Employee Spirituality in the Workplace: A Cross-Cultural View for the Management of Spiritual Employees
The workplace is evolving to reflect the diversity within society. Reflected within society are numerous spiritual beliefs and practices that are ingrained in the cultures. The cultural mix reflects
Teaching with Heart and Soul
This article revolves around two questions: Is there a “spiritual” dimension to good teaching? If so, do spiritual considerations have a place in teacher education? Defining spirituality as “the
ASSET: a model for actioning spirituality and spiritual care education and training in nursing.
The asset model (actioning spirituality and spiritual Care education and training in Nursing) is recommended as a possible option for improving spiritual care education in nursing and should prove to be a useful framework and catalyst in effecting change in nurses' knowledge and understanding of the spiritual care requirements of patients.
Teaching the spiritual dimension of nursing care: a survey of U.S. baccalaureate nursing programs.
  • C. Lemmer
  • Education, Philosophy
    The Journal of nursing education
  • 2002
A survey exploring how the spiritual dimension of nursing care currently is being taught in baccalaureate nursing programs found a lack of clarity in the understanding of the concept of spirituality, as well as uncertainty about levels of faculty knowledge and comfort with teaching this topic.