What is sexual wellbeing and why does it matter for public health?

  title={What is sexual wellbeing and why does it matter for public health?},
  author={Kirstin Rebecca Mitchell and Ruth Lewis and Lucia F. O’Sullivan and J. Dennis Fortenberry},
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The World Association for Sexual Health’s Declaration on Sexual Pleasure: A Technical Guide

Technical guidance on the content, meaning, and application of the World Association of Sexual Health (WAS) Declaration on Sexual Pleasure is provided to various stakeholders and practitioners working in the area of sexuality, sexual health, and sexual rights.

Socioeconomics and Erotic Inequity: A Theoretical Overview and Narrative Review of Associations Between Poverty, Socioeconomic Conditions, and Sexual Wellbeing

ABSTRACT Sexual health includes positive aspects of sexuality and the possibility of having pleasurable sexual experiences. However, few researchers examine how socioeconomic conditions shape sexual

Trauma-Informed Sex Positive Approaches to Sexual Pleasure

Abstract This paper develops a trauma-informed sex-positive framework as a public health, clinical, and research approach to sexual experience over the life course. The framework centers

Young People’s Sexual Wellbeing: A Qualitative Evidence Synthesis Protocol

Sexual wellbeing is an integral part of a person’s overall sense of wellbeing. It is closely linked to physical, sexual, and mental health. Despite this, sexual wellbeing remains underexplored,

Behavioral Therapies for Treating Female Sexual Dysfunctions: A State-of-the-Art Review

A state-of-the-art review of behavioral therapies for female sexual dysfunction disorders, focusing on empirically validated approaches is presented, with cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness-based therapies arguably having the most empirical support.

Exploring the adult sexual wellbeing and behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic. A systematic review and meta-analysis

Implemented social distancing measures may have forestalled the spread of COVID-19, yet they suppressed the natural human need for contact. The aim of this systematic review was to explore the impact

Healthy sexuality development in adolescence: proposing a competency-based framework to inform programmes and research

A conceptual framework that draws on theories and literature related to positive youth development, empowerment, human rights, gender, social-ecological and life-course perspectives, and can serve as a Theory of Change for programmes aiming to improve adolescent sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing is proposed.

Prevalence and correlates of sexual concerns and associated distress among women living with HIV in Canada

More attention to women’s sexual wellbeing within social and relational contexts is critical to ensure the sexual rights of women living with HIV are upheld.

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Sexual Health in Cis Women Living in Germany



Sexual Health: A Useful Public Health Paradigm or a Moral Imperative?

In this introductory paper, this Special Section is introduced and hope to further the debate and scientific exploration of sexual health.

A Rapid Review of Sexual Wellbeing Definitions and Measures: Should We Now Include Sexual Wellbeing Freedom?

The importance of conceptualising sexual wellbeing as individually experienced but socially and structurally influenced is discussed, including assessing sexual wellbeing freedom: a person’s freedom to achieve sexual wellbeing, or their real opportunities and liberties.

Sexual health: theoretical perspectives

In this opening chapter, we introduce the perspectives that guide the book. We examine how sexual health might be defi ned and the criteria used to do so. We summarize the main theoretical approaches

Promoting LGBT health and wellbeing through inclusive policy development

The need to address the broad health and wellbeing issues and needs of LGBT people, rather than exclusively using an illness-based focus such as HIV/AIDS, is emphasized.

Whither wellbeing for public health?

Although ‘wellbeing’ has seemingly effortlessly entered into recent public health parlance, little critical attention has been paid to its real meaning or purpose in contributing to contemporary

The Problematization of Sexuality among Women Living with HIV and a New Feminist Approach for Understanding and Enhancing Women’s Sexual Lives

In the context of HIV, women’s sexual rights and sexual autonomy are important but frequently overlooked and violated. Guided by community voices, feminist theories, and qualitative empirical

Racism, African American Women, and Their Sexual and Reproductive Health: A Review of Historical and Contemporary Evidence and Implications for Health Equity

The development of innovative models and strategies to improve the health of African American women may be informed by an understanding of the historical and enduring legacy of racism in the United States, as well as addressing sexual and reproductive health through a historical lens.

What is Sexual Satisfaction? Thematic Analysis of Lay People's Definitions

The findings support definitions and models of sexual satisfaction that focus on positive sexual outcomes and the use of measures that incorporate items linked to personal and dyadic sexual rewards for both men and women.