What is life? On Erwin Schrödinger, his cat, and the Journal of Molecular Medicine


What is Life? was the title of a little pamphlet that Erwin Schrödinger, a theoretical physicist, published over 60 years ago [1]. In my generation, every serious student of biology and medicine read, and was deeply influenced by, What Is Life? James Watson claims that What is life? brought him to pursue and to answer this fundamental question. Schrödinger… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/s00109-007-0288-9


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@article{Ganten2007WhatIL, title={What is life? On Erwin Schr{\"o}dinger, his cat, and the Journal of Molecular Medicine}, author={Detlev Ganten}, journal={Journal of Molecular Medicine}, year={2007}, volume={85}, pages={1291-1292} }