What is chemsex and why does it matter?

  title={What is chemsex and why does it matter?},
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It needs to become a public health priority 
New health promotion for chemsex and γ-hydroxybutyrate (GHB)
The growing problem of chemsex in the UK and the need for a coordinated policy and health response is pointed out and γ-hydroxybutyrate, crystallised methamphetamine, and mephedrone are pointed out.
A chemsex crucible: the context and the controversy
  • David Stuart
  • Medicine
    Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care
  • 2016
The public health response to chemsex, when understood objectively, is actually a simple model of multidisciplinary interventions. Just as opiate addiction requires behavioural therapies, medicine,
Mental Health and Sexual Health
  • R. Jaspal
  • Psychology, Medicine
    The Social Psychology of Gay Men
  • 2019
The epidemiological, psychological and socio-structural factors that can impinge on health outcomes in gay men are explored, including social stigma and its impact for identity processes.
PrEP (HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis) and its possibilities for clinical practice
It is proposed that PrEP invites the possibility for reconstituting approaches to sex and risk in the context of UK sexual health and HIV specialist medicine.
Harm Reduction Practices and Needs in a Belgian Chemsex Context: Findings from a Qualitative Study
To understand current risk reduction practices, and the information and care needs of gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (GBMSM) who engage in chemsex, semi structured in-depth interviews with drug-using GBMSM were conducted.
Fucking with homonormativity: The ambiguous politics of chemsex
One would not typically think of chemsex as a practice structured by the same political ideology that spawned ‘the new homonormativity’. For one thing, the gay press (a key mediator of homonormativ...
Crime or culture? Representations of chemsex in the British press and magazines aimed at GBTQ+ men
Chemsex is a phenomenon in which typically gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and/or related communities of men (GBTQ+ men) take psychoactive drugs while having sex, often without a condom. The practice ...
Illicit drug use
Primary care is increasingly an important setting for the specialist management of such patients, given the relevant focus on holistic care, and key management principles in such patients are discussed.
A workforce in jeopardy: identifying the challenges of ensuring a sustainable advanced HIV nursing workforce
The HIV nursing workforce, which provides an increasing proportion of HIV care, is facing serious recruitment and retention challenges and a strategic approach to workforce development and training is essential to overcome systemic barriers and secure the next generation of skilled practitioners.


Sexually transmitted infections.
  • I. Denham
  • Medicine
    Australian family physician
  • 1989
It should be remembered that sexually transmitted infections may present with symptoms and signs not immediately referable to the genital tract. All practitioners should be aware of the changes in
Guidance on the clinical management of acute and chronic harms of club drugs and novel psychoactive substances.
National guidelines produced by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence determine the wider principles within which treatment and care should be provided within drug services, EDs, primary care, sexual health and mental health services in the UK.
The Chemsex study: drug use in sexual settings among gay and bisexual men in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham
The Chemsex Study: drug use in sexual settings among gay and bisexual men in Lambeth, Southwark & Lewisham was the driving force behind the conception of this study and he provided significant
Illicit drug use in sexual settings (‘chemsex’) and HIV/STI transmission risk behaviour among gay men in South London: findings from a qualitative study
Targeted clinic-based and community-based harm reduction and sexual health interventions are required to address the prevention needs of gay men combining psychoactive substances with sex.
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. Tackling drug use
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The Chemsex study: drug use in sexual settings among gay & bisexual men in Lambeth
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Drug misuse: findings from the
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Sexualised drug use by MSM : background , current status and response
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